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RLB Structural Engineering, LLC is a single member LLC originally founded October 2009 in Charleston, South Carolina, by Rob Bush. In August 2011, Rob and his family relocated to Baltimore, Maryland.  Once settled in their new home, RLB-SE was reestablished in Baltimore during January 2012.

Rob has been a licensed engineer since 2009, working in the engineering profession since 2001, and began working construction in 1979.  He is licensed as a professional engineer (P.E.) in Maryland and South Carolina.

His structural engineering experience includes renovation work on historical structures, forensic investigations and repair of oceanfront high-rise curtain wall systems, concrete repairs for oceanfront high-rise buildings, and analysis/design for new construction.

His construction experience includes the utilization of carpentry skills on residential structures, heavy equipment operation on various commercial and industrial projects, and management of construction projects on military installations.

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