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RLB Structural Engineering, LLC (RLB-SE) provides structural engineering services for residential and light commercial structural modifications, repairs, and new construction.  RLB-SE is licensed in the state of Maryland with a focus of providing structural engineering services in Baltimore City and the surrounding counties.

Due to low overhead, RLB-SE can provide clients a competitive cost option for structural engineering solutions without sacrificing the quality of construction documents or the timeliness of work product delivery. Regardless of where you are in Maryland, if you are in need of a structural engineering solution, feel free to Contact RLB-SE to discuss your engineering needs.

Thank you for your interest in RLB Structural Engineering. I am stepping away from work temporarily to put my own house in order. Literally! My wife and I are undertaking an extensive renovation of our own home that I anticipate will last through 2017. 

In the meantime, here is the contact information for a trusted colleague who may be able to assist with your structural engineering needs: Bruce Ensor (www.bestructural.com ). Bruce and his team provide quality structural engineering services for various types of structures, while putting customer satisfaction at the fore.

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